Friday, July 25, 2008

Back After a Hard Day's Work

Our group just returned from our projects which included landscaping, demolition, and much painting.  The projects were at the local primary school and the orphanage where we will go tonight.  Everyone is to meet for dinner at 5:00 PM then we'll interact with the young people there.

This is a beautiful place with a scenic and historic central business area.  The mountains surround the city and seem to catch the clouds.  The group from First Baptist which just left said it rained nearly every day.  That is why it is so lush looking here and the river is flowing fast.

Allen Cumbia brought along the hand-held camera from church and is taking video that I hope he can put on this site.  Also, a reporter from the local paper came by today and spoke with Lynn.   We are a large and visible group and hopefully our presence will be a good witness.

Mark Larson