Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hi to Nick - Again

Well, we are assuming you are in Prague now.  Hope the trip was uneventful and that everyone arrived safely.  We sent Nick an email yesterday but for some reason it didn't go through except for the part...Hi to Nick...so hi to Nick again.  We look forward to hearing all about your adventures before meeting up with the group in Slovakia as well as your time doing mission work, sight seeing, etc.  We miss you and can't wait to see you on August 4.  Thanks to all who gave Nick a big hug when they saw him last Wednesday!!  Ha! Ha!  Enjoy the rest of your trip and just know that we are holding each of you in our prayers for good health, good times, and safety.  Hope the sunrise in Slovakia was as beautiful as I could imagine it to be!!  Love to all and especially to Nick...Mom and Dad also known as Martha and Roy   Greetings from Jordan as well!!