Sunday, July 20, 2008

Only 3 Days to Go

It appears that we will have some access to the internet in most places where we are to stay. I also suspect that Carrie will not be the only one to take a computer along. Hopefully we'll have some time at the end of most days to send notes describing the trip and our work. This blog page was set up for anyone on our trip to send an entry. We should also be able to send a photo or two.

It's now packing time as our Wednesday departure nears. It's starting to get real and our family is excited about what the trip will bring. I can't believe it was 4 years ago when we were in Hong Kong for the last Youth Conference. We made many friends and learned a lot about other cultures. Living with the local youth for 3 days in the camp brought us very close. I still communicate with a few friends that I met in Hong Kong. The previous conference was very meaningful for both Ashley and me.

Hopefully you'll get to share in our experience through this journal.

Mark Larson