Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday and John Arrives

The day is over and it is quiet in the hotel lobby.  We were pleased to see John Massey arrive tonight after his passport problem was straightened out.  He was greeted with many hugs.

As I hope you can tell from a few of the photos and entries, we had another full and productive day.  After breakfast, we all walked 200 meters to the city center where we handed out fliers for our concert tomorrow.  We were given a phrase meaning "come to our concert" to greet the people on the street.  That took about 30 minutes, then we went off to work at our sites.

The group at the school finished painting 4 classrooms and the yardwork.  The group at the orphanage had the most physical work to do.  There, they pulled up stumps and demolished a building.  From the sounds of it, that work was very physical.  In both locations, our work was greatly appreciated and the youth were complimented as to how hard they worked.

Tomorrow is our service and we practiced at the church tonight and visited with several of the Slovak members.  They cooked sausages for us over the grill and that was very good.  The people of Ruzomberok are very friendly and seem to take this large group in stride.

More pictures to come.

Mark Larson